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အင္တာေနရွင္နယ္ ဘစ္ဇနက္ တိုင္းမ္စ္ က ဖုန္းေစာင့္ေနပါတယ္။
Dear Tint Swe,
Thank you for your comments about the article.
The article is in no way intended to disgrace Daw Suu or fuel disunity among communities in Myanmar. The sources we spoke to are strong activists for peace and human rights for all communities in Myanmar and merely pointed to some facts.
I would very much like to speak to you about your point of view. Would that be possible?
I am based in London, so I am 5 hours ahead of you. I would, however, be happy to ring you today before 1pm (Indianapolis time).
Looking forward to speaking to you,

အင္တာေနရွင္နယ္ ဘစ္ဇနက္ တိုင္းမ္စ္ သို႔ စာျပန္လိုက္ျခင္း

Dear Elsa
I do appreciate your responsiveness and taking responsibility.
When I posted your article and my complaint on my Facebook, there are legitimate comments by the citizens of my country.
I rather like in written conversation but I know it is will be beneficial only you and me. More important is the audience, the international and the voters in Burma.
Many see your article coincides with the election of tomorrow. Some of the comments said of the government’s lobby money. This government paid $800,000 for the US policy towards Burma but many of the people regard all non-Burmese as all foreign with no regards to British or the US.
My Burmese Muslim friends are also not happy with exaggerations of the issue by media and politicization by this government. We are so much worried of Buddhism because of these two factors, media and this government.
Anyhow I also look forward to talking with you.
Tint Swe
Former Member of Parliament (NLD)


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